Pedro Pirate Trunki - Trunki Australia
Pedro Pirate Trunki - Trunki Australia
Pedro Pirate Trunki - Trunki Australia
Pedro Pirate Trunki - Trunki Australia
Pedro Pirate Trunki - Trunki Australia
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Pedro Pirate Trunki


A seasoned sailor of the seven seas Pedro the Pirate Ship is heading for shore to take you on pirate adventures and look for buried treasure! Kid's can customise their ship and make it their own with our Trunki pirate-themed stickers.

Ahoy! Pedro the Pirate Trunki is the hearty companion any kid needs to be on-the-go. Our ride-on suitcases are perfect for sleepovers, staycations or playing at home! Originally designed as a fun alternative to children’s hand luggage, our Trunki suitcases are made with durable and wipe-clean plastic. We’re so confident of the quality that every Trunki suitcase is covered by our free 5-year guarantee.

Need something to entertain the kids? Click here for Pedro's Activity Book

  • Specification

    Volume: 18 litres

    Size: 46 x 21 x 31 cm

    Weight: 1.7kg / 3.8lb

    Max Ride-On Weight: 50kg/110lb

    Recommended Age: 3-6 years

    Tow & Carry Strap included

    Made from easy to clean hard plastic, simply wipe with soap and water or antibacterial wipes

  • Features

    features trunki

    • 118 litres capacity

      Lots of space to pack toys and games.

    • 2Secure lockable catches

      Keep favourite possessions safe inside for the ride.

    • 3Lightweight and durable

      The same high-quality plastic as grown-up cases.

    • 4Comfy saddle

      Rest tired legs in queues and you'll never hear "my feet hurt" again!

    • 5Horn grips for stability

      Grab the horns to steer your Trunki.

    • 6Tow strap with key

      To make sure your contents are secure and never get lost.

    • 7Carry handle

      Easy to grab for a departure gate dash.

    • 8Soft rubber trim

      To protect little fingers while packing.

    • 9Internal pocket

      Keep treasures inside for easy access.

    • 10Teddy bear seatbelts

      Keep teddy safe with his very own seatbelt!